It Should Be Obvious, But…

This site expresses my personal views, not those of any present or past employers or coworkers. The articles here don’t represent the opinions of anyone other than me, so don’t try to attribute what I say to any company I happen to work for. These postings are mine alone, have not been reviewed or approved by my employer, and do not necessarily express the views of my employer.

I’ll be maintaining this site from home in my spare time, so you don’t have to worry that my writing here is taking away from adding content or fixing your most-hated bug.

On the other side of the coin, the purpose of this site isn’t for me to answer questions about the game I work on or the company I work for. While inevitably my articles will refer to the project I’m working on in various ways, I’m not going to reveal any secrets or post any details on the game that I wouldn’t otherwise answer.

Comments that readers make to any of my articles should be attributed to whoever makes them. I don’t plan to censor anybody, unless I decide that you deserve it.

Basically, life is too short to get bent out of shape about what you read online. And please remember, nobody ever proved they were smarter than someone else by making a post on the Internet. Except for me.