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Mobhunter launched in 2001 as an EverQuest commentary site. The website architecture was created by Kohath and Csenicier back in the days before anyone had heard the word “blog.” I was the primary writer for the site (that’s me–Steve Danuser, known as Moorgard).

After a few years, SOE offered me the job of Community Manager for EverQuest II. At that time I turned writing duties over to my guildmate Coray, but that didn’t turn out to be a very good fit.

Fortunately, a regular contributor to the site named Mike Shea (a.k.a. Loral Ciriclight) took over in 2004 and did an amazing job keeping the spirit of the site alive until late 2008. Mike decided to step down to focus on his own site,, so the Mobhunter mantle now finds its home on this blog.

You can revisit the glory of my and Loral’s posts by perusing the links below. Enjoy.

Moorgard’s Articles

Loral’s Articles

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