A New Year and Whatnot

So let me just get this out of the way right up front: I bought a PS3. I really didn’t intend to — I was more interested in finding a Wii — but there’s something about being in a Walmart after Christmas and seeing the PS3 on the shelves that I just couldn’t resist. I felt giddy and dirty simultaneously, which is always a sexy combination.

Being over at Kohath’s house and seeing the PS3 hooked up to his 52″ TV a few nights before was sort of inspiring, despite the fact that I didn’t care for the games he had. That whole new technology thing is just intoxicating, and I’m nothing if not a pawn of overhyped commercialism.

Plus, here’s my justification: Once I settle in and buy a house here in the Boston area I will be picking up a new HDTV. I’ll want to watch high-def movies on it. Blu-Ray delivers the goods, and the PS3 plays games too. See how easy it is to convince myself to spend lots of money?

The Bluetooth remote is pretty sweet (sold separately, of course), and the console itself looks cool. One of these days I’ll even buy some games for it.

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12 thoughts on “A New Year and Whatnot”

  1. Wow.

    That’s pretty close to what happened to me. I was holding off on a PS3 and going for a Wii… and then when I saw the PS3 on sale at Best Buy, I just couldn’t resist.

    I was eventualy going to buy one too, mostly for the reason you said: It plays Blu-Ray, and its the PS3, so you know some pretty awesome games are going to be coming out for it.

    I just find it so ironic that I found a PS3, which was supposed to be in very limited supply, before I found a Wii, which wasn’t supposed to be so scarce, or at least so I thought…

  2. Congrats! My hubby wants a Wii too, but we haven’t been able to find one yet. Obviously the PS3’s are easier to get:) Still a way huge chunk of money though…

  3. I bought my PSP the same way. The morning they were released, I rode along with one of my SOE coworkers who heard that the local Best Buy had them in stock. They had a few of them sitting there, and my buddy was buying one, so I totally got sucked in.

    I still enjoy my PSP and use it a lot, though more for movies and music on trips than for games. I like the DS better for gaming, especially the brain puzzle stuff. Touch screen is just the way to go for handhelds IMO.

  4. I just bought a ps one a few days back, and I’m replaying some of my old favorites from when I was bigger into console games (see also: before Nocte started playing EQ). I found a copy of Super Puzzle Fighter on amazon.com and couldn’t resist. Now I’ve been playing all my old favorites through again, and been having a good time with it, too.

    I’ll get a PS3 or XBox 360 or Wii someday, but for now I’ll stick to playing a bunch of the games that just aren’t made anymore (2D fighting games, good puzzle games, 2D Castlevania, etc).

  5. Yeah the DS is pretty cool. I bought my daughter one for Christmas in pink. I was even able to get her a pretty cool carrying case to hold all of her games and accessories. I bought my hubby the 360 for his bday last year, since it is in March they had them back in stock. So I guess this year he will probably get a Wii, not sure if I want to fork over the cash for the PS3 since it is more than the 360 and he just got that. Although he tells me it doesn’t matter… you have to have them all. I am sure the PS3 will be worth it though:) Maybe they will come out with another Sims… lol

  6. I bought my PSP on impulse as well and completely regret it. It has been sitting in a drawer for nearly a year waiting for some decent games to come out. I loaded some ROMS a while ago, (secret of mana, mario bros etc) to pass the time, but that only kept me interested so long.

    Any suggestions?

    p.s. untold legends was terrible

  7. PSP suggestions: Daxter, Loco Roco, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, lots more depending on what type of game you like.

    The PSP has a lot of good games out for it now. The number of highly rated games for the PSP is comparable to the DS. (Technically, the PSP has several more, but the point isn’t PSP vs. DS, the point is that there are a bunch of great games out for the PSP now and lots more “good” games.)

  8. Kind of amusing read, really. It seems that a lot of people are using the PS3 as a “well… since I could’t find a wii” and end up swearing up and down about how awesome and spiffy it is.

    Personally, I’m still completely sucked into my DS. My husband gave it to me for my birthday. Cool gift, and I guess I can forgive him for getting me the *cringe* pink one. It was supposed to be part gag-part thoughtful. I don’t look at the pink very often anyway so who realy cares? Its less likely to get stolen being pink.

    I degress, I’ll be curious to know what games you get the most sucked into on the PS3, and if there are any qualms you might have with it. As hardware goes, first releases tend to have the most issues with aftermarket fixing unforseen bugs.

  9. Get Loco Roco for your PSP :) My son’s been having a great time with SOCOM also, if you like fps.

  10. The only good PS3 game atm is Resistance, and a lot of PS3 exclusives are either being cancelled or going to Xbox360.

    I still think you need a Wii, Zelda and that sweet shield and sword controller I linked you.


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