A New Year and Whatnot

So let me just get this out of the way right up front: I bought a PS3. I really didn’t intend to — I was more interested in finding a Wii — but there’s something about being in a Walmart after Christmas and seeing the PS3 on the shelves that I just couldn’t resist. I felt giddy and dirty simultaneously, which is always a sexy combination.

Being over at Kohath’s house and seeing the PS3 hooked up to his 52″ TV a few nights before was sort of inspiring, despite the fact that I didn’t care for the games he had. That whole new technology thing is just intoxicating, and I’m nothing if not a pawn of overhyped commercialism.

Plus, here’s my justification: Once I settle in and buy a house here in the Boston area I will be picking up a new HDTV. I’ll want to watch high-def movies on it. Blu-Ray delivers the goods, and the PS3 plays games too. See how easy it is to convince myself to spend lots of money?

The Bluetooth remote is pretty sweet (sold separately, of course), and the console itself looks cool. One of these days I’ll even buy some games for it.

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