Really. A Motorcycle. Really?

Apparently a new type of mount is being added to WoW in Wrath of the Lich King: the Hog.

Frankly, this type of thing makes it increasingly less likely that I’ll be interested in playing much WoW after the expansion comes out.

Look, I understand that WoW is full of slapstick gags, puns, and real-world references. It’s part of the game’s style, and it certainly has an appeal to many gamers. As much as I hate knowing she’s in the world, I can ignore Haris Pilton pretty easily. But I won’t be able to ignore gangs of gnomes riding past me on motorcycles.

The helicopter flying mount made by engineers was pushing it for me. Once Azeroth has the motocycle, what’s next? When will I be able to get a Hummer to drive around in, or a Maserati? (Come on, just imagine the cross marketing potential!)

Am I the only person in the world who wants to play the game so mesmerizingly portrayed in Blizzard’s intro cinematics? Frankly, I much prefer that dramatic and awe-inspiring style over the game that actually gets installed on my hard drive. And it gets increasingly harder to pretend I’m playing that idealized Azeroth when I see stuff like this becoming more prevalent in the game.

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