Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

It saddened me not a little this week to read that Star Trek the Experience, a museum/theme ride that has been in the Las Vegas Hilton for over a decade, will be closing this September.

I am sorry to see it go, not only because I am a lifelong Trek fan (however dated some of the multimedia stuff was, the collection of memorabilia was first rate) but because of the countless Fanfaire memories forever associated with the place. I’ve attended many SOE gatherings at the Hilton, and Quark’s Bar was always the epicenter where fans and devs could hang out together. Many a Warp Core Breach has been consumed while discussing the latest patch or sharing war stories of a raid gone wrong.

There are hints that the Experience may be reopened elsewhere. Certainly if the franchise relaunch film is a hit, you can expect to see all kinds of updated Trek in the media. But for us diehards, the original STE will be remembered fondly as a Mecca to which we could make our nerd pilgrimage, a place where we could share our fandom and not feel so alone in the galaxy. It was a place of hope and dreams, and we need more of those in this life, not fewer of them.

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Steve Danuser, also known as Moorgard, is a a writer, editor, and game designer.

5 thoughts on “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”

  1. That sucks. One of my first experiences with this here Moorgard character was at a Fan Faire in Vegas. And, yes, I had a warp core breach then, and several times thereafter. I think I miss the Fan Faires more than that particular restaurant. Can’t wait until we have our first fan gathering.

  2. LOL I cant wait to have the game to have the fan gathering… and I to enjoyed a few of the Fan Fairs .. the first one I went to I could barly afford the flight and had like 35 dollers for 3 days ( with no hotel room ) I left with about 250 dollers and had places to stay everynight.

  3. That drink looks pretty awesome. I just became a certified bartender about a month ago and I’d love to add that to the old resume.

  4. Well, crap.

    Now I have to go to Vegas and hit that bar one more time with the Mrs. She and I went there on our first trip to Vegas and she’s a huge Trek fan. Guess I need to make a pilgrimage. Now how to pay for it. I know! A donation button on The Grouchy Gamer! ;)

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