Also, I Am a Scientist

It’s not often that a single post can be articulate, nerdy, informative, funny, and fascinating all at once, but James Wallis manages to hit every one of those marks in an article analyzing the virtual world of Azeroth from a scholarly perspective.

As someone who designs the geography of game worlds, I enjoyed the data gathering aspects of this article. And as a writer who appreciates a tongue-in-cheek approach while sounding very serious, the post made me chuckle.

You can also check out a video of Wallis’ live presentation here.

(Note: The title for this article is drawn from one of the most fabulous posts ever made on the EQ2 forums, which sadly no longer seems to exist. In it, the author was ranting about something and cited a bunch of crazy crap to back up his claims, adding the classic phrase “Also, I am a scientist.” Which is brilliant on so many levels, and still makes Shwayder and me chuckle to this day.)

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