The Blog Graveyard

Finding myself with a little time to kill this weekend, I began clicking through various bookmark folders in my browser. The most cluttered of these was “Blogs”, a list of a few dozen gaming sites I used to check with some regularity.

This folder has stayed by my side for going on two decades. It has moved with me from computer to computer, hard drive to hard drive, browser to browser. A quiet, constant companion. Old. Reliable.

But when I started following the links, you can guess what happened.

My once vital list of go-to sites had become a graveyard.

I clicked. I pruned. Mercilessly, I clicked and pruned some more. And when I had finished, I was left with a skeleton of my formerly robust folder. But at least the branches which remained were alive.

It didn’t surprise me, of course. My own blog has doubtless been pruned from the folders of most of my former readers. And yes, the gaming landscape has changed a lot over the last couple decades. But it also speaks to how many of those who used to blog regularly have shifted to places like Reddit and Twitter. Myself included.

But slimmer though it is, my Blogs folder will continue to travel with me whenever my next computer comes along. So long as there are still living limbs within it, anyway.

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