What’s the Point of This?

I went to the trouble of fiddling with a new blog look, so I might as well do something with it. But what?

Were I to focus this blog on game design, as Mobhunter (sort of) was, I’d never publish anything–the last several years are evidence of this.

Why? In part because I don’t have a lot to say on the subject. I used to enjoy pontificating on MMOs, but the community already does that with far more fervor and volume than I could hope to muster.

Perhaps more to the point, I’d rather be known for the things I create than the things I talk about creating. Theories are cool and discussing them can be useful, but my preference is to focus on the work itself. The craft rather than the theory of the craft.

So where does that leave this site? I don’t know, exactly. I like to write, and I currently use Twitter to share thoughts from time to time. But 140 characters often isn’t enough to get a point across—so maybe that’s where Moorgard.com comes in. I guess we’ll see.

Maybe if I view the site as a place to jam out a quick 10-minute brain dump of what’s in my head at the moment instead of some long, thoughtful piece, I’ll actually be able to post here with some regularity.

At least it worked the one time. It’s a start.

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